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It is no secret that the demand for energy continues to grow across the United States and Utility Companies are under ever increasing pressure to meet that demand, while at the same time, searching for clean renewable sources to satisfy our energy appetite.

Stenger Professional Services, Inc.(SPS) is experienced and capable of providing a number of Appraisal and Valuation Services for a variety of traditional utility types. However, we stand ready to expand our horizons with our Utility clients to grow in new directions as well. We recognize that many Utility Companies maintain their own Real Estate staff; however, it is often beneficial in the negotiation process to retain the independent services of an outside observer when dealing with elements of value.  

Whether you are seeking assistance for a series of Summary Appraisals to acquire a new gas line easement, or wish to have an Independent Study done through Paired Sales Analysis to determine potential damages for severed properties from a new Transmission Corridor; we have the experience and expertise to help. Perhaps a Market Study report is needed for your Real Estate staff in order to develop a plan for fair market offers on a new fiber optic line or a new wind plant. We understand what you need to get the job done and we are flexible enough to work with you to provide the information and data that you need in the manner that best suits your program.

Regardless of your valuation needs, we have the experience to meet them and we stand ready and eager to assist you in meeting the demands we all share.