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In the difficult economic climate that we find ourselves in, communities all across the Nation are strapped for revenue to satisfy needed improvements to their communities. While money is tight, blighted areas still need to be addressed, the need for public housing continues to grow, and infrastructure improvements for bridges, sewers, water treatment and schools abound. Since few States have the resources to help, more and more communities are finding themselves racing for federal grants to help their communities. However, we all know that few such grants ever come without strings attached. If your community is lucky enough to receive such Federal Assistance in the form of a Community Development Block Grant or one of the many other Federal Grants that are available, you should be aware of the requirements for Land Acquisition.

The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, As Amended (49 CFR 24) requires that any real property acquired as part of a Federal or federally-assisted project must comply with the guidelines within the referenced act. The Uniform Act spells out the specific procedures for the Appraisal and Acquisition activities for said project, and stipulates a specific relocation assistance program that must be followed for any displaced occupant, including renters, that may result from the project.  

Stenger Professional Services, Inc has the knowledge and experience to provide the Appraisal Services that you need to maintain compliance, as well as IDOT approved Relocation Assistance personnel to help with any displaced occupants that your project may effect.

Community Development