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About Stenger Professional Services, Inc.
Sandra Stenger
Jeffrey Stenger
Executive Vice President 
Stenger Professional Services, Inc.
1392 County Highway 30
Shelbyville, IL  62565
Stenger Professional Services, Inc. (SPS) is a Right of Way and Land Acquisition services company located in Shelbyville, IL.  Our primary focus is on Appraisal and Valuation Consultation for partial acquisitions, parcels subject to Eminent Domain litigation and Land Acquisition Project Management.  The goal of SPS is to provide our clients with a highly professional and efficient small business enterprise that has been customized to meet their specific needs. By focusing our appraisal practice exclusively on Eminent Domain and partial acquisitions, we are able to remain fluent in the statutory and regulatory compliance needed to perform these services efficiently and effectively.

Sandra Stenger, President, provides Project Management and oversight for all SPS projects.  In her previous employment, she oversaw the construction of approximately $155 million worth of capital projects. Those projects included the $115 million Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; the $14.4 million restoration of Union Station in Springfield, IL and the $9.8 million parking garage for the new Library and Museum. She is the recipient of two “Thomas H. Madigan” Awards from the Illinois Capital Development Board.     

Jeffrey Stenger, Executive Vice President, is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in the State of Illinois and is approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to perform not only Appraisal and Appraisal Review services, but Negotiations and Relocation Assistance as well. He has extensive experience appraising properties of all types for a plethora of different uses, including, but not limited to, Highway Right of Way, Airport expansion, Railroad alignments, natural gas pipelines, and valuation studies for electric transmission corridors.  He has qualified as an expert witness in over 15 downstate Counties, provided testimony in numerous quick-take hearings, depositions and jury trials, and is well versed in the Eminent Domain laws of Illinois and most pertinent Federal appraisal regulations and standards.

Most appraisal firms depend heavily on the mortgage lending industry for the majority of their business; however, at SPS, we do NO mortgage appraisals, so YOU will always come first. Because of this unique corporate trait, our education, training and experience in the Right of Way field is unparalleled in downstate Illinois. While our Chief Appraiser has over 20 years of experience in this field, the effective level of experience is much greater; as typical appraisal firms perform only a small percentage of Eminent Domain work.  

• Appraisal 
• Appraisal Review 
• Market Data Reports 
• Severance Studies 
• Relocation assistance (49 CFR 24)
• Land Acquisition Project Management